Shooting the Taj Mahal is the same yet as years have passed at this point I challenge myself to attempt to see these sights from an alternate edge and catch something exceptional while I am there (model: you will never discover me holding up the inclining tower of Pisa… . any longer.)

Along these lines, when you head to India’s crown gem, I trust these photography tips and travel data helps… . cheerful shooting!

Some Tips for capturing the Taj Mahal


That triumphant reflection shot? Everybody has it (with the exception of me, annoyingly). So definitely, feel free to get it. Be that as it may, when shooting the Taj Mahal or any popular milestone the key is to get one of a kind. Search for various points, jump on the floor, get high or discover another thing to place in the edge to add an alternate setting to it. The shot above of my fuzzy companion before The Taj Mahal is one of my top choices, it connects in the sublime structure to the truth of India that lies around it.


You know the drill. The Early feathered creature gets the worm. I avoided this tip as the dimness and climate were dreadful when I visited yet by being preferred choice it’s going to be a lot simpler to catch this mega occupied fascination weaving head free.


I’m a firm accept a photograph should disclose to some sort of story. The most effortless approach to do that? Get individuals in the activity. Fortunate for you, they are wherever here. The excellence of India is the vivid complexities at each corner. Casing your photograph of the Taj Mahal with a wonderful sari, a gathering of Monks or any other person who can add enthusiasm to the shot.


Try not to freeze! The Taj Mahal has not sold out to Thailand style full moon parties right now, however Friday is an exceptional day. The Taj Mahal complex is closed each Friday which means you can get some incredible photographs from behind, or the water, free of individuals.


Rather than strolling directly to the principle fascination, turn right and head to the waterway at the back of the Taj Mahal. In the event that you are fortunate, there will be one cool buddy and his pontoon prepared (at a cost) to give you a dazzling reflection photograph without the selfie stick armed force attacking it.


In this way, envision this. You’re on task, you get into the Taj Mahal and the wellsprings are off and not a single water is to be seen. Poop right?! Ok well, those shots that almost everybody catches have been done previously, however I kinda love the photograph of the laborers repainting and enhancing, it includes something somewhat extraordinary. Point being: Try and photo the Taj Mahal with a receptive outlook, not founded on the zillion Instagram shots you have seen.


All things considered, you can get some magnificent reflection shots that are somewhat unique. Search for a puddle brought about by one of the water sprinklers or attempt to get an edge from one of the water chasms not straightforwardly confronting the Taj Mahal – you’ll get your ‘puddle gram’ however with a curve.


Get very close and keep your camera out. Shooting the Taj Mahal isn’t just about the spectacular wide-edge shots, the detail on the marble is similarly as staggering so make sure to catch the complexities of the craftsmanship. Contingent upon the hour of day, the white of the marble might be marginally yellow – either over uncover your camera or lessen the yellow in lightroom a while later.

Remember THE REST

The Taj Mahal complex has two excellent structures either side of it, while every other person is getting snap glad on the principle fascination head to get some substantially more serene shots of these other two compositional marvels.


Alright, inside the Taj Mahal itself I can compare it to Nazis running an air terminal. Whistles, pushing, shouting, pushing, no cameras (clearly: no commotion as indicated by the signs) and many individuals looking strong confounded at what the heck they ought to appreciate.

In any case, inside the external structures, the subtleties of the dividers and roofs isn’t excessively ratty. Seen as you have no tripod lean your camera against something to snatch either a long presentation or a HDR shot (as above) to catch the detail well.


I adore getting photographs that look a little good old, and by going high contrast you can truly accomplish this. Attempt and catch the fowls over the Taj Mahal to add enthusiasm to your photographs.

Locate YOUR OWN ‘Tricks’

You wanna squeeze the highest point of the Taj Mahal, put it all on the line. Be that as it may, at that point attempt to locate your own contrivances to get an alternate sort of photograph. I figured out how to break a camera focal point toward the beginning of the excursion, so began playing around with the full scale glass to get a marginally unique impression of it.


Hop on a rickshaw and take the 20-30 moment ride over to the Moonlight Gardens at the back of the Taj Mahal. Annoyingly, no you can’t simply cruise over and the water itself is watched by equipped police however the perspectives from here are not very pitiful by any means. A famous spot to take in nightfall or snatch those individuals free sees on a Friday.


You need in any event one dawn or dusk shot. Once more, my tip: head to the Moonlight Gardens and photo the Taj Mahal from here to part of the arrangement.

The down to earth stuff

There are such a large number of principles. The lines can be long, unique for people and you will be looked and examined on passage. Tripods are a no go, electric gadgets (state, speakers) are a no go, cigarettes are a no go, truth be told – practically everything is a no go. So bring your camera and keep it light for a simple ride into this ultra high security office.

It’s going to cost you… 750RS to get in, except if you are 15 and under then it’s free. You have to purchase your ticket from the workplace up the street before the fundamental doors, don’t burn through your time getting in the passageway line until you have packed away your ticket.

How early do you wanna get up? The complex is open from ‘Dawn to Sunset’ so check your timings when you arrive. The southern entryway is just open 8am-5pm so make sure you are not sitting tight at an inappropriate passage for it to open.

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